Harshi L. Hettige




I grew up surrounded by stories in the US, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka; all of which fostered my passion for social issues, travel, and capturing experiences. As the daughter of a photographer, I learned that words and visuals are equally valuable for effectively sharing a message.

I love storytelling — from identifying the why, to brainstorming the how, to conceptualizing the design, to storyboarding and fleshing it out, to collaborating with other creatives to bring it to life, to polishing the story, and to finally sharing it with the ideal audience.

Since obtaining an MPA in International Public & Nonprofit Management & Policy from NYU’s Wagner School of Public Service in 2012, I have contributed my strategic and creative communications skills to projects around the world — from large-scale ventures like the Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health and Women Deliver to local community organizations in Guatemala and Sri Lanka.

In the pursuit of creative storytelling, I have also served as an editor for a manuscripts, provided digital content direction for a podcast, developed unique travel guides, and continue to write poetry and prose.





I create innovative and effective communication strategies—building strong voice and cohesive visual identity for storytelling.


past Experience

  • Assessed aim, audience, and conducted research to develop detailed Digital communication strategies

  • Created branding and narratives that grew virtual audiences exponentially, pushing stories beyond convention center walls

  • Created a cohesive brand to unite an international cooperative’s many stakeholders and audiences

  • Built upon existing projects to gain unprecedented attention and engagement

  • Worked with opinion leaders

  • Developed message and visual identity for newly-launched social business venture


I love editing for other creatives.

  • Edited manuscripts, play scripts, articles, coffee-table books, essays, videos, speeches, illustrations, infographics, and more

I work with individuals around the world who are experts in their field, but need support conveying their messaging to stakeholders.

  • Adapted and edited advocates’ rough drafts into organization’s style to report to colleagues and donors



I copywrite creatively — specializing in finding the right tone and voice.

  • Wrote original, digestible copy for websites, publications, and social media in a range of tones/voices

  • Ensured that message, voice, and brand was expressed clearly and consistently across various print, environmental, and digital touchpoints

  • Developed tailored messaging

  • Researched and wrote long-form case studies

I capture personal experiences through prose and poetry.

  • inspired by travel, weather, and just about everything else

  • Blogged about my experiences living, traveling, and working in Guatemala in 2014


When creating products, I am intentional. The designs are focused around a strategic aim, with graspable wording and content. I love collaborating with other creatives to bring the concepts to life.

  • Conceptualized effective websites, progress reports, graphics, case studies, and briefs

  • Produced daily recap and advocacy videos—storyboarded, wrote scripts, conducted interviews, and directed designers and editors

  • Partnered closely with designers to develop words and visuals that together make rich content

  • Developed and presented on SMART Storytelling and better organizational communication practices

  • Led re-design of organization website